Healing Power of Ruby: Its History, Lore, and Modern Applications



Ruby Meaning Uses & Benefits

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One of the four most valuable gemstones is the Ruby. The red stone is a 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Ruby is a red gemstone because it is a form of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). It is a valuable stone that belongs to the hexagonal crystal structure and commands a premium price due to its rarity and great demand for good-quality examples. The Ruby is a common 40th anniversary present. Ruby symbolizes safety and good fortune. It is a stone of the lowest chakras and the root.

Ruby Meaning Uses & Benefits

Ruby is a powerful and protective stone, and its virtues shine brightly. Ruby is all about increasing the stakes and boosting energy levels, making it ideal for individuals who prefer to live life on the edge. The user of the Ruby in its darker tones may let go of any sluggish or depressing emotions, just like wood in a fire. Rubys are quite uncommon. Beyond the senses of touch and desire, it has powerful aphrodisiac effects. It's a potent blend of vibrancy, power, assurance, and bold color. A rare Ruby is for you if you desire a strong gemstone that illuminates your life.

Emotional Renewal

Ruby is linked to love despite its luxury. Ruby helps us overcome past heart scars and scuffs. It sustains, protects, and balances sensitivity, making it ideal for sensitive people. Ruby will try to boost our confidence to make us feel love in every manner. Ruby rescues us from self-criticism and false worldviews with its forceful protecting qualities and blazing light energy.

Ruby helps reestablish trust, especially in love and grief. The Ruby gem may help you overcome previous wounds and learn to love anew. This stone has powerful healing vibrations and may remove metaphorical lumps in the throat, heart, and any other region blocking your flow. The Ruby is connected with money and prestige since it is a lucky jewel. Ruby can guide empire builders. Leadership stones may help you leave your comfort zone and pursue more. The Ruby stone may help you make financial choices without risking your money.


Ruby is a stone of good fortune, which encompasses the body, intellect, and spirit. This gem can strengthen the heart, musculature, and ventricles for physical healing. As the vibrant crimson colors suggest, it is a bloodstone, which can help with everything from circulation to menstrual discomfort. Additionally, it can assist with sexuality, fertility, and all reproductive concerns. In addition to detoxifying the body, Ruby can cure the kidneys, lymph, and adrenal glands.



Metaphysical Ruby Stone Meaning Handmade Jewelry

From a spiritual point of view, Ruby is a flash of bright light in the darkness. If you feel like the world has turned cold and you can't get involved, this gem will fire up your chi and get your inner engine going again. Ruby is a great stone for the root chakra because it keeps you grounded, safe, and stable so that the winds of change don't shake you up. It also helps our solar plexus and pelvic areas. These lower chakras have more to do with support and safety than just that. They are also where our ideas and passions come from. By creating a flow of energy that connects the root to the creative center, you can feel more like your true self as you move through the world.

Ruby is good for the heart as well. It's often used as a sign for people who have been married for 40 years, which means it's about more than just sexual love. It's also about kindness, safety, and sticking together. Ruby is a stone that pushes you to light up your inner light in every way possible, thanks to its velvety red fire and its ability to get your chi moving. More love, more power, more pleasure, and more trust.

A Stone with Healing Properties

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Has there ever been a stone with so much power, love, and wealth tied to it? Something about Ruby seems to strike at the heart. Maybe it's the way the blood-red color shines, or the way it stirs up our chi, or the fact that we've seen this red stone worn by people in positions of power.

Ruby is the most powerful of all the valuable stones. In history, it has been compared to the sun, called the "flame that can't be put out," and Kublai Khan was said to have given up an entire city for a ruby. A Burmese tale also said that if you put this stone under your skin, you could live forever. This stone is definitely powerful.

Ruby's name comes from the Latin word for red, "ruber," which is "ruber." A nod to the rich color of this gem, no question. Ruby is one of the four "precious gemstones." The other three are diamond and sapphire. It is found in many places around the world, including India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

Rubies that come from nature will have inclusions and have other things inside them. These rutile needles give the inside of the stone a silky look and help us tell the real Rubies from the fake ones. The Ruby is full of energy, life, and love, just like other red gems. It's a powerful aphrodisiac, but it also keeps you grounded and ready.

Zodiac Properties

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Ruby talks to people who were born under the sign of a thousand different stars, but it has a special link with people who were born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign. As the birthstone for July, this gem is the essence of summer. Its brightness makes me think of the sun burning in the night sky, and it makes me think of endless light, desire, power, and heat that is getting stronger.
Saturn is in charge of Capricorns, and so is the Ruby stone. They both have strong powers and believe that getting to their heart will only make their lives better. They are also both strong and do not give up. For the sake of balance, the Ruby doesn't stop there. Yes, it's a stone for safety, but it's also about peace, balance, love, and beauty. All things that can help Capricorns do well in life.
Ruby is also a good stone for people with the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancerians are often shy and don't put themselves out there as much as they could, which can hold them back. The Ruby's rare confidence-boosting skills can help them feel better about themselves and give them back their drive and self-belief.


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The Ruby stone, a symbol of power, is recognized as a rare and flawless image of perfection. There's a reason why this stone is gracing the fingers of kings and queens, as well as emperors and queens. Wearing your Ruby against your skin is one of the greatest ways to make the most of it. When beautiful stones and crystals are rubbed against the skin, they come into direct touch with our own energy source and may help us recover faster. Jewelry is an excellent method to cleanse chakras, balance energy, and interact with crystals in both subconscious and purposeful ways. Wear a Ruby necklace to keep the stone near to your heart, or a Ruby bracelet to link the gem with the rhythm of your pulse and flow throughout the body. Wearing Ruby rings keeps the stone in your eyeline and reminds you of pleasure.

Other red gemstones that combine well with Ruby include Red Spinel, Garnet for igniting desire, Carnelian for warming the spirit, Red Jasper for earthly grandeur, Red Beryl for filling your cup, and Red Quartz for greater levels of love and devotion. If you want more balance in your crystal pairings, choose blue-green stones with milder water energy or softer energy stones like Kyanite. The gemstone Ruby Zoisite combines fire and patience. This one-of-a-kind jewel, which combines the finest of both worlds, is also a heart healer and blood purifier. For individuals who use Ruby to heal and expand their hearts, it may be combined with a variety of beautiful green stones. Green stones interact directly with the heart chakra to eliminate barriers and create a wonderful loving place inside your core, from the tempting beauty of Emerald to the earthy Moss Agate.
If you wish to increase your protection while dealing with the Ruby stone, you may also couple it with grounding black protective stones. Obsidian and Black Tourmaline make a perfect veil of invisibility, keeping you out of the line of fire when it comes to negative energy and psychic assaults.

Wearing Ruby jewelry is in line with ancient legend, when these fiery stones were utilized as talismans and amulets to protect the bearer. Ruby amulets were traditionally used to ward off poison, ghosts, and bad thoughts. The same holds true now. The world is filled with bad energy, but you can keep your personal area dazzling by wearing a Ruby amulet that reminds you to remain connected to inner pleasure.


How to Use

Natural Raw Ruby How to Use it Jewelry Energy Stone Love Chakra Healing
Welcome the brightness and magnificence of red hot Ruby into your environment to turn up the fire in your house and spirit. This glistening stone represents enthusiasm, passion, pizazz, and living a brighter, more brilliant, more awakened life. It's ideal for individuals who wish to free themselves and learn to love more deeply without sacrificing their emotions of safety. From classic Ruby jewelry to talismans and feng shui, here are some of the numerous ways to use Ruby and make the most of its fiery heart. 

Geological Properties

Chemical Classification


Chemical Formula


Crystal system









Transparent to opaque


Metamorphic and igneous rocks


From metamorphism of aluminum-rich rocks or from igneous processes


Transparent to opaque



Mohs Hardness


Specific Gravity

3.97 - 4.05

Diagnostic Properties

Deep red color, trigonal crystal system

Chemical Composition


Crystal System


Optical Properties

Uniaxial positive

Refractive Index

1.762 - 1.778


0.008 - 0.010

2V Angle

5° to 90°



Other Characteristics

Can display asterism or chatoyancy when cut en cabochon


Last Thoughts

Ruby is about love, desire, and having power over oneself. If you want warmth, joy, and a spark that could light your inner fire, this red bold-hearted stone is the best thing you could find. Getting in touch with our chi, learning to love with all our hearts, and putting ourselves out there can feel scary and risky, but when you wear the Ruby, you feel wrapped in a shell of confident finery. The Ruby gem may be valuable in terms of money, but it gives you much more valuable gifts for your soul.
What do you think about the Ruby stone that is said to protect? Does it make you feel fire and joy, or would you rather have a calmer, lighter crystal? Tell us what you think in the comments.