Raw Tourmaline Necklace
Raw Tourmaline Necklace
Raw Tourmaline Necklace

Raw Tourmaline Necklace

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The black tourmaline crystal is powerful spiritual jewelry for those who seek empath protection. The black tourmaline necklace relieves tension and encourages prosperity, tolerance, and inspiration. The natural inky black stone is deeply connected with the root chakra, which embodies the feeling of safety and security.

The October birthstone is strung on a sterling silver robe chain and each gemstone has been cleansed and charged under the sun. It is a calming and soothing crystal and can infuse peace, spread positive energy, and be used for meditation and spiritual activities. The chakra protection necklace can be enjoyed by men, women, and children.

MATERIAL: Stirling Silver 925 chain 
GEMSTONE: Black Tourmaline, Black Spinel
PENDANT SIZE: Approximately 0.5-1 inch long, 0.5 inches wide 
SIDE BEADS SIZE: Spinel Roundels, 2mm
CHAIN LENGTH: 18 inches