Lapis Lazuli Drops Long Earrings
Lapis Lazuli Drops Long Earrings

Lapis Lazuli Drops Long Earrings

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  • Chain Length: chain 2.5 Inches
  • Material: Sterling Silver Chain 925, Natural Lapiz A
  • Adjustable Drop Threader Delicate Chain
  • Lapis Tear Drop Approx. 10mm
  • Handmade in Florida, USA

The transcendental colors of Lapis Lazuli give the hint that this stone is definitely connected to the spirit realms. Of course, Lapis Lazuli is linked to the Third-Eye Chakra. This chakra is known for being the eye of consciousness, the one that sees all. As the sixth chakra its heavily motivated by knowledge, intuition, wisdom, and insight – basically all the things that help us to unravel our many layers to get to the core. If you have a block in your Third Eye you may feel it tricky to concentrate, to connect, and to keep your cool especially when the world around you falls into chaos. Stress, illness, and emotional upset can all have an effect on your third eye chakra. When you awaken your Third Eye chakra you may have the ability to see further and to use the dark blue lapis to tap into hidden psychic abilities.