White Jade Crystal Point Wand 1pc
White Jade Crystal Point Wand 1pc
White Jade Crystal Point Wand 1pc
White Jade Crystal Point Wand 1pc

White Jade Crystal Point Wand 1pc

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Jade Crystal Point Wand in all forms, has always represented nobility, not only of rank but of ideals. The wearing of Jade assists in creating magic for the highest good and in protecting from harmful or deceitful entities during spirit work .natural crystal and stone have the energy from nature, crystal point can better concentrate the energy in the top part, is used to heal, adjust the body, the best tool of the spirit body.

Natural White Jade will form a powerful energy field from the center, and the energy will be emitted straight out from the top tip, wherever the crystal pillar is placed. Improve work efficiency. The energy of crystal can clear one's mind and refresh one's spirit. Sitting meditation with a Crystal Point will strengthen your personal source of inspiration and sharpen your mind.

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Key Features:

  • Afghanistan Jade
  • The height is approximately 1-2 inches
  • This massage stone is unique and beautiful, with three sizes to choose from.
  • Well designed stick shape makes this stone easy to hold while massaging.
  • Fine workmanship, it is ground and polished many times, more smooth to use.
  • Small size and easy to carry, it is a great massaging tool to use for the spa.