Macrame Herb Drying Rack

Macrame Herb Drying Rack

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Do you grow your own herb garden? Get the most out of your fresh herbs by air drying using our kitchen hanging rack​. Add that spark of flavor to your homemade dishes with this simple minimal mobile rack. It will fit in small apartment, summer home, or a large family house! The herb racks are handcrafted, and all material used is ethically sourced and high quality.

 This functional and elegant herb dryer will be a hit out of all the gifts for housewarming, Wedding, Christmas, anniversaries, Mother’s Days and all special days. This kitchen herb garden can be adapted and used in many ways. It also works as a drying rack for cannabis, ensuring your marijuana is harvested with quality. 

  • Detachable Star Shape Herb Drying Rack - After harvesting from your garden, separate and hang your herb or flower on the fresh herb rack to speed up the moisture removal.
  • Macrame Wall Decor – The hanging herb dryer for your herbs helps free up counter space, preserves a natural airflow to promote an even ripening process.
  • Boho Kitchen Decor – This handcrafted herb drying line adds a retro and elegant charm to your kitchen or any room. Sage, bay, rosemary, or thyme - what herbs will you dry?
  • Aroma & Fresh Scent – Enjoy the scent of fresh herbs and flowers as they dry via this wall-mounted drying rack. Once dried, you’ll always have the freshest supply of dried herbs ready for your next recipe.
  • Herb Drying for Health - Utilize this drying herb rack to bring the freshest flavors into your home. Hanging herbs to dry also protects the essential oils - maintaining those natural health-boosting benefits.



Herbs dry best hanging upside down, and in a dry room out of direct sunlight.

Smaller bunches will dry faster than larger bunches, and larger bunches may need to be rotated once a day to ensure proper airflow.

Once completely dry, spices can be ground or kept whole, to be saved in airtight bags or jars to be used to season food, in cooking, as tea, in herbal soaks, herbal remedies, and more.